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On Glass Adapter

OGS Thumb Release String Clip

OGS Thumb Release String Clip

Optic Size Compatibility

Included: Magnetic Mounting Plate, Adapter Ring and Spacer according to the size you select. Everything you need.

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Introducing the OGS Thumb Release Clip – the ultimate accessory for archery enthusiasts seeking stealth and convenience in the field!

Silent and Secure: This compact clip is designed to effortlessly attach to your thumb release using a reliable 3M adhesive tape. Once in place, it provides a secure and noise-free solution to prevent your thumb release from dangling and making unwanted sounds. Say goodbye to distractions in the stand or during a stalk.

Enhanced Focus: With your thumb release neatly clipped to your string, you can maintain complete focus on your target. No more fumbling or noise concerns – our clip keeps your release in check, allowing you to draw and release with confidence.

Quick and Easy Setup: Installation is a breeze. Simply attach the clip to your thumb release, apply it to your string, and you're ready to go. The 3M adhesive ensures a strong bond without damaging your equipment.

Elevate your archery experience with this essential accessory. Don't let noise and distraction compromise your hunt. Get your Archery Thumb Release Clip today and hunt in stealth with confidence!

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