On Glass adapter was started in 2022 by a US SOF veteran and current engineering apprentice with the goal of designing and providing a digiscoping solution that does not interfere with the day to day use of your phone. Through many iterations and months of reasearch and design the adapter was born. Our adapter is the best balance of simplicity, size, price and design on the market.



Get perfectly aligned digiscope photos, every time. The On Glass adapter's supplied alignment tool and quick-mount system eliminate setup hassle, letting you focus on capturing stunning close-ups of wildlife and landscapes. This simple and effective solution delivers consistently centered frames and sharp, impressive results.


The profile is small enough that it will be able to fit in your pocket like usual.


It is important to us at On Glass to provide equipment that even entry level outdoorsmen can purchase and use. Our system is the most affordable on the market and even more affordable over time because you can reuse most of the system even when you get a new phone.


Three goals of the design of our adapter were, universal, durable and reusable. Our design can be used with any phone case, it is constructed with high end materials built to last, when you get a new phone reuse every part except the magnetic mount, which is the cheapest part to buy.