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On Glass Adapter

OG 2.0

OG 2.0

8 total reviews

Optic Size Compatibility

Included: Magnetic Mounting Plate, Adapter Ring and Spacer according to the size you select. Everything you need.

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What Makes Our System Better?

Universal Phone Compatibility Designed to work seamlessly with your chosen phone case, no need to by a specific case just for Digiscoping. 

Self Centering The On Glass 2.0 eliminates the need for constant adjustments. It self centers to your optic, ready for the perfect shot, saving you time and hassle.

Sleek & Compact So small you won't notice it, just over a quarter inch thick its practically not on your phone. 

What makes a complete system?

Magnetic Mounting Plate: The low profile piece that is attached to your phone via 3M tape. Comes with an alignment tool so that you can align to the camera on your phone. 

Optic Spacer: This is the the part that interfaces with your optic. It is designed to fit snugly with your chosen optic.

Adapter Ring: This piece brings everything together. The spacer will lock inside of this ring and your phone with the mag plate will click into it. 

Once everything is set up and attached your phone will auto center to your optic every time. 


Leupold MK4 and Gold Ring Eyecup: The only aftermarket eyecup available for your gold ring or MK4. Gives you a hard eyecup to use and is required to use the OG 2.0 in conjunction with a bravo spacer. 

Cover: This will attach to the Adapter Ring to keep dirt and dust off of your eyepiece. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Not what I hoped

I wanted this to be good because of their tie to Idaho but this isn’t working for me

Jim Peffers
Perfect for alpine hunting

I purchased this online and picked it up when I attended a conference in Tampa last month. I was impressed by how light it was. The set up instructions were clear and concise. I am just back from a 3 day mountain hunt here in NZ. I used the OG2.0 every day, paired with my Swaro 10x32 ELs, sitting on a Leupold Alpine CF tripod. Although we didn't see any Chamois or Red deer this time, I did manage to take some good photos of our native bush falcon. The OG2.0 made it easy to produce great wildlife shots, thanks to the image being centered every time I set it up. I look forward to using it each time I go out. All in all, a great product. Much better than the 'other' digiscoping attachment I had, that was a bugger to center all the time. The OG2.0 does it every time. I would highly recommend this product to any hunter. Thanks for a great piece of kit!

Onglass 2.0

I’ve used several digiscoping adapters for hunting. So far, the Onglass adapter has exceeded my expectations..

I ordered it in a time crunch before a bear hunt , because I was sick of lining up the Magview. Zach, the owner was on a hunt at the time of my order. He got back a couple days before I was set to leave. He drove the Onglass adapter to my house here in Idaho getting it to me before I left for my hunt - stellar customer service.

On that hunt, I put this thing through the wringer, including a fall across shale for which I broke the eyepiece with the Onglass adapter attached off my Kowa spotter (shit happens). Nothing happened to the adapter. It was actually still attached to the eyepiece. I reattached the eyepiece and it was like nothing ever happened.

The magnet is strong enough. You won’t need to worry about a phone detaching . You’d have to be real careless to lose your phone off the Onglass adapter.

No fidgeting with camera lineup. Your phone will self center as fast as you can get it to the adapter.

As with any “open” adapter, you’ll have to manage sun angle/shade. Pretty seamless issue to mitigate vs. carrying around a goofy, clunky case on your phone to “close” the interface between the phone and adapter.

This is an Idaho based company owned by a veteran. I’m a vet, and I like my country. The decision was easy for me.

If you want a digiscoping setup that is tough, lightweight, and repeatably reliable. You found the product.

I’ll be buying another optic spacer for my wide FOV eyepiece. It’s worth it.

- Garrett

Best Digiscope out there!

First off this company is veteran owned! Second this product does exactly what it states and is significantly less expensive then a very popular competitor company and I do not need to buy a separate special phonecase for it. You will not be disappointed. Just buy it! Fit my Swarovski scope perfectly!

William Campbell
New glass

Easy to understand installation. Easy to use lines up perfectly everytime.

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